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Consular Services

The department provides several consular services and they are:

  1. Authentication of documents
  2. Provide assistance to Seychellois stranded abroad

In instances where Seychelles nationals have lost their travel documents in a foreign country they should contact the nearest Seychelles Embassy or Consulate. In the absence of both they can contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  1. Repatriation of remains

In the unfortunate event that a Seychelles national has passed away in a foreign country, we can:

  • Provide the family with information about the necessary conditions and procedures that have to be followed in order for the remains to be repatriated.
  • Provide details of local Funeral Agents.
  • Bring family member into contact with key persons or organizations dealing with the repatriation.

However, we cannot:

  • Pay any bills or give money from public funds to settle payments
  • Take charge of the repatriation

Family members that are repatriating the remains of a loved one are advised to consult with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Seychelles Embassies or Seychelles Consulates about the local repatriation procedures as conditions for repatriation vary from country to country. We also ask that the local repatriation procedures and conditions are respected.

Please note that Seychelles Passports are processed and issued by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and not by the Department of Foreign Affairs. To get access to forms and application procedures please visit the Immigration website at http://www.ics.gov.sc/

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 12:00

Saturday- Sunday : closed

For an appointment call: 428 35 84/ 428 36 03

Visa Information (FAQ)

What is a Visa?

A visa is basically an endorsement in the passport or other travel document made by a (Diplomatic Mission/Consular) official of a Government to indicate that the bearer has been granted authority to enter or re-enter the country concerned. A visa, transit visa or a visa exemption for a country does not guarantee admission to a country. The final decision rests with the competent authorities at the port of entry in the country concerned. A valid visa is required each time a passenger enters or re-enter a country where visa is required. The date of validity shown on visa must be respected.

Applying for a Visa

It is entirely up to the visa applicant to satisfy the visa officer of a foreign immigration authority or a foreign diplomatic representation that he/she is a bona fide visitor. As visa procedures and requirements vary from country to country it is always advisable for applicants to contact embassies, consulates or issuing authority of the country they wish to visit.

Where to apply for a Visa?

Application can be made in person at diplomatic missions or consular posts represented in Seychelles or by mail or commercial courier to the nearest representative of the country concerned.

How long do I have to wait for a visa?

The length of time for the processing of a visa application varies from country to country; from 48 hours in some cases and up to 3 months in others. In all cases it is advisable to apply as early as possible.

What do I have to provide to obtain a visa?

  • Relevant Application Form
  • Return/onward airline ticket and full itinerary
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation
  • Passport with validity for at least one year
  • Recent passport size photo.
  • Evidence of medical / travel insurance
  • Evidence of funds. This may be in the form of bank statements, traveler’s cheques or bank drafts
  • Letter from your employer confirming your leave
  • Evidence of enrolment at school
  • Letter of invitation or support from family, friends or business contact in country concerned
  • Processing fee (each country charge different amounts) and is usually non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the visa application
  • Be in possession of a valid visa (if required) for next destination

Countries where Seychelles Nationals do not require a visa

Seychelles has established visa-free travels with over a 100 countries! Today a Seychellois has one of the powerful passports on the African continent. This saves you as a Seychelles citizen the hassle and cost of visa procedures, however, we still advise you to check if the duration of your stay is in conformity with our visa waiver agreements. Download the link below for more information.

» List of countries that Seychelles passport holders do not need prior visa

Countries where Seychelles Nationals do require a visa

When travelling to a country whereby a visa is requested, we advise to check for the specificities of that particular country and to request for the visa as early as possible.

» List of countries that Seychellois passport holders require visa

Smart traveler

  1. When planning your trip check the countries of your destination and transit for any specific requirements regarding entry.
  2. Check the expiry date of your passport before you travel! Some countries revoke entry if your passport is not valid for six months.
  3. Vaccinations can be an entry requirement for some countries. Hence, make sure you are vaccinated if required so.
  4. Make sure you have the right visas for the countries you are visiting or transiting.
  5. Make sure you have enough funding for the whole trip.
  6. Respect the biosecurity measures of the countries you are travelling to.
  7. Travelers with dual nationality, check if dual nationality will have any implications on your travel plans.
  8. Make copies of your passport, visas and insurance policy, in case you might lose one or all of them.
  9. If you’re a pregnant woman, check with your airline regarding the maximum number of weeks you’re allowed flying.
  10. If you lose your passport or any other important travel document whilst overseas, please contact a Seychelles Consulate or Embassy in that particular country.
  11. Tourists are often at greater risks overseas. Please be careful!
  12. We also advise to avoid countries or regions that are at high risk of terrorist attacks.
  13. Obey the laws of the country you're visiting. Don't expect to be treated differently from locals just because you're a foreigner.
  14. Keep in contact with friends and family back home.


The DFA eRegister system is a voluntary and free service provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs to all Seychellois citizens who reside overseas. Your registration will help us update our data of Seychellois Diasporas living in other communities outside Seychelles. This information will be kept entirely confidential and for official use only.