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Mr. Jacques Belle

Director General of Protocol, Consular and Diaspora Affairs

Email: jbelle@mfa.gov.sc

The division is made up of three sections:

Protocol and Public Diplomacy

The Protocol section places emphasis on maintaining high standard services and protocol assistance for VIPs and dignitaries upon their arrivals and departures. Furthermore, protocol staffs initiate and manage processes of obtaining ‘agréments’ from foreign states for accreditations of Seychelles’ ambassadors. The team also coordinates and assists during high-level events and functions ensuring the respect of protocol.

The public diplomacy unit has the task of creating a positive public image of the Government’s foreign policy and implementation.

The unit develops and maintains communication strategies for the department in ensuring that all press communiqués relating to the work of the department are prepared and distributed. This is to ensure effective communication of all initiatives at both international and national media.


The unit facilitates up-to-date and consistent communication of information with our network of overseas missions and consulates.

The unit also engages with outside audiences in the provision of clear, accurate, comprehensive and timely information with regard to the Department’s foreign policy through the use of all media channels.

Consular Affairs and Visa Waivers

The Consular Affairs unit provides assistance to Seychelles’ citizens abroad with support provided by honorary consulates. This section is also responsible for negotiating Visa Waivers Agreements (VWA) with foreign countries in order to eliminate VISA barriers for citizens traveling abroad.


Diaspora Unit is the first ever unit established within the Foreign Affairs responsible to  develop means and modes of engagement with the diaspora through facilitation and coordination with local stakeholders and the public.  Diaspora has the mandate to support the various sectors and partners involved in building a stronger relationship  with the diaspora community for the socio-economic development of the country.


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