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Ms. Amanda Padayachy

Director General of Multilateral Affairs

Email: apadayachy@mfa.gov.sc

The main objectives of the Multilateral Affairs Division embody the vision & mission of the Foreign Affairs Department, to promote and protect the interests of Seychelles at the international arena.  More specifically, the Multilateral Affairs Division oversees the coordination and exchanges with the international organisations to which Seychelles is partied.  

 As an active players in those organisations, Seychelles defends its position on key issues of national and global interest as well as propose and influence agenda items that are of great benefits to the country.

As a small island state, multilateral diplomacy afford Seychelles the voice and platforms to continue to engage on matters vital to us such as climate change, supporting sustainable development agenda, advocating for a vulnerability index and securing resources. 

The Multilateral Affairs Division encompasses a number of multilateral dossiers such as the United Nations, the European Union, the Commonwealth, La Francophonie amongst others. The Division also handles candidatures, contributions and resolutions tabled at the United Nations.


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