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Speech by H.E Dick Patrick Esparon, Ambassador of Seychelles to the United Arab Emirates on the Occasion of the inauguration of the Seychelles Embassy in Abu Dhabi- U.A.E



  • Mr. James Alix Michel, President of the Republic of Seychelles
  • Mrs Nathalie Michel-First Lady
  • Mr.Jean Paul Adam, Minister of Foreign Affairs- Seychelles
  • H.E Mr khalid Al Ghait-Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs 
  • H.E Abdul Salam Obeidi-Assistant Undersecretary for Protocol Affairs
  • Excellencies, colleague Ambassadors
  • Invited guests
  • Compatriots Seychellois and Seychelloise
  • Ladies and gentlemen
  • A very Good morning to you all...Asalaam Aleikom


Allow me first and foremost to thank our President for accepting to be with us today to preside over the inauguration of the Seychelles Embassy here in Abu Dhabi.

We are also grateful to Minister Jean Paul Adam, who has also graciously accepted to be with us on this historic day.

I would also like to acknowledge the presence of His Excellency  Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs Kalid Al Ghait of the government of United Arab Emirates for coming to share this momentous occasion with us.

To all colleague excellencies, invited guests ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your presence here this morning.

Today is a historic day for Seychelles diplomacy ,for it marks a new era in the bilateral relations and coorperations between the United Arab Emirates and Seychelles.

The Inauguration of the Seychelles Embassy in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E  is testimony of the commitment of the government of Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates to further strengthen and deepen the already excellent relations that exist between our two countries.

With the opening of the Seychelles Embassy in U.A.E, the already multifaceted relations between the U.A.E and Seychelles will take a qualitatively new dimension.

The Seychelles Embassy in U.A.E will act as conduit between the government and people of Seychelles to the government and people of United Arab Emirates.

The Embassy will endeavor to strengthen and deepen the already excellent ties of friendship and will toil   to explore and facilitate new areas of cooperation and understanding between Seychelles and U.A.E.

The Embassy will also make it one of its priority areas of focus to foster cultural exchanges and promote people to people interraction.The Seychelles Embassy will strive to bring the Seychellois people and Emiratis closer together through assertive tourism marketing campaign and business forum,  exchanges and networking between the our two business communities.

To this end, I would like to invite the Seychellois community gainfully employed and those who have made U.A.E their homes to come forward and help us in transforming the Embassy into a real Seychellois home. Welcoming everyone with our customary Seychellois charms.Let us all become true Ambassadors for our two brotherly nations.

We firmly believe that the primordial role of our Embassy is to foster genuine friendship and cordial understanding between the people of Seychelles and the people of the United Arab Emirates.The Seychelles Embassy is about human interaction and people to people contact.It is about real and meaningful rapprochement of peoples...We commit  ourselves to ensuring that we remain people focus and we pledge to toil endlessly for the wellbeing of our two peoples.

The Establishment of the Seychelles Embassy in the United Arab Emirates could not have happened at a more opportune time.A time of great historical significance.A time when the Arab world is going through radical and profound, political, economic and social transformation.A time when the United Arab Emirates,under the visionary leadership of His Highness Shaikh Khalifa  is playing a very prominent role in world Affairs.

The year 2011 will go down in the history book as the year of meaningful “approchement” between Seychelles and U.A.E. For it is during this current year that we witnessed the successful  implementation of various key projects sponsored by His Highness President Shaikh Khalifa and the government of the UAE in Seychelles.Projects  which crystalizes the  visions of the leaders of both countries to impact positively on the lives of their peoples.

To spice up the already multifaceted relations between Seychelles and U.A.E, Etihad has this month started direct air connectivity between Abu Dhabi and Seychelles .Discerning  travelers and investors alike have now the much awaited opportunity to sample the charms and economic landscape of the paradise islands of Seychelles. With a flying time of around four hours Seychelles and Abu Dhabi is now connected and meaningful people to people interaction will soon be a reality.

Abu Dhabi investors are encouraged to explore the investment opportunities on offer and to join your colleagues who are already reputably established and economically anchored in Seychelles.


As the Ambassador of Seychelles here in Abu Dhabi, I wholeheartedly applaud the great strides undertaken by the U.A.E  in her quest towards sustainable development, prosperity and peace under the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nahyan.

I would like to put on record our unreserved appreciation and gratitude for all the unconditional assistance extended to me in the setting up of Seychelles ever first Resident diplomatic Mission in the  U.A.E , and the Arab world.

Seychelles is appreciative of U.A.E’s unwavering support and commitment towards the plight of small island states and its unconditional assistance in our fight against the scourge of piracy in the Indian Ocean.

The bilateral relations between U.A.E and Seychelles is a very pragmatic, dynamic and vibrant one. It is one based on the realities and exigencies  of today. It is not a dogmatic one. It is one which takes into account the international conjuncture, based on internationally accepted principles and norms whilst  pursuing the aspirations and dreams of the peoples of both countries. U.A.E and Seychelles have a lot of commonalities.We have much to share and much to learn from each other.

The President of the Republic of Seychelles,HE James Alix Michel,the Goverment and people of Seychelles joins me in saluting and congratulating the UAE on its upcoming 40 anniversary of the formation of the Union .The whole world is amaze by your achievements of the great transformation that has taken place and the path of sustainable development ,prosperity and peace that you have embarked upon. AS A GREAT NATION YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY PLACE YOUR PEOPLE AT THE CENTRE OF YOUR DEVELOPMENTS HENCE THE REASON WHY YOU HAVE A GREAT FUTRUE.SEYCHELLES REJOICE WITH YOU AT THIS GREAT MOMENT  .

Before I conclude, allow me to sincerely thank President Michel for confiding me the noblest task of opening  the Seychelles first Embassy in U.A.E and to be the first Seychellois resident  Ambassador.The bar has been set very high,but i give you my word Excellency, Mr President, me and my team in the Seychelles Embassy will to deliver your expectations.

I would also like to once again to thank His Highness Sheikh Khalifa and his government for welcoming me to serve as Seychelles Ambassador in U.A.E and for the assistance, collaboration and support extended to me.

A very special thanks goes to the staff of the new Seychelles Embassy for all their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm, without their hard work and committment, we would not be opening the door of the Embassy  today.

To all my colleague ambassadors who have welcomed me and who have helped in one way or another.

As we march the path of sustainable development, prosperity and peace, let us demonstrate to the world that an emerging economic power with a population of over 7 million can exemplarily collaborate and partner with one of the world’s smallest country in the galaxy of the nations.

Tomorrow is ours if we today build exemplary cordial relations.


I thank you for your attention...Jazzakallah 



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