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Speech of Ambassador Faure at the opening ceremony of the Police Points of Contact workshop


Special Advisor Miss Sheryl Vengadassamy

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Ted Barbe

Deputy Commissioner Mr.Romano Romano Songor

Head of Police Component of the Eastern Africa Standby Force, Assistant Commissioner Dinah Kyasiimire

Your Excellencies,


Distinguished Guests

Ladies and gentlemen,


It is an honour to welcome you this morning to the launching of the workshop on Police Points of contact. It is equally a pleasure to be hosting you in Seychelles and we hope that you can also make use of the occasion to explore our beautiful country with the hope that you may join us again along with your families under a less formal circumstances to further discover our rich culture and friendly people.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

In an ever changing world where global threats to stability are constant, peace and security is a primary concern for all states. The global situation has essentially accentuated the need for governments to combine their efforts in order to create the necessary conditions for stability and wellbeing for their peoples. It is for this very same reason that the five regional forces for Peace Support Operations (PSOs) including the Eastern African Standby force were conceived. The work carried out by EASF is crucial as it places emphasis on regional cooperation to promote peace building and its enforcement. Further to that, the success of EASF is due to the fact that it recognizes the equal roles that the police, the military and the civilian components play in peace building. The primary tenets of peace building is to ensure that all partners at both the regional and national levels have the capacity to be effective actors.


Seychelles has always valued the importance of the Eastern Africa Standby Force. Since signing the Agreement on establishing standby force on 26 June 2014, our small island state has over the years demonstrated its commitment towards the safeguarding of stability in the Eastern African region. The Seychelles government fervently believes that peace can only be attained through proactive diplomatic engagements with its neighbors. It is why we will continue to work closely with our brothers from the other member states of Eastern Africa Standby Force with the aim to strengthen the role of the organisation.


Today the Eastern Africa Standby Force is one of the regional bodies which assists its member states, including Seychelles in building capacity to create the conditions for peace. Over recent years many of our officials from the Military, Police and Civilian institutions have undergone trainings and exercises organized by the Eastern Africa Standby Force. These have contributed greatly towards enhancing competence and capabilities of relevant stakeholders. Consequently, the Government of Seychelles is sincerely grateful to the Eastern Africa Standby Force for the continuous support and assistance, and we look ahead to further enhance this fruitful collaboration.


Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentleman,

The hosting of the Police Point of Contact Workshop in Seychelles will be an opportune time for the participants from (Burundi,Comores,Djibouti,Ethopia, Kenya,Rwanda, Somalia Sudan and Uganda to work towards effective cooperation and coordination with Police Points Of Contacts from EASF Member States .

This workshop will serve to assess the status of pledged capabilities of the police personnel and evaluates what was achieved in the previous year.

Participants stand to benefit from the vast knowledge and experience that (Head of Police Component of the Eastern Africa Standby Force Assistant Commissioner, Dinah Kyasiimire a will be imparting.



On that note, I wish to take this opportunity to personally welcome the Head of Police Component of the Eastern Africa Standby Force, Assistant Commissioner, Dinah Kyasiimire and other participants from the Eastern Africa Standby Force member state.



In conclusion allow me to conclude my address by emphasizing that the Government of Seychelles will continue to extend its support to the Eastern Africa Standby Force and its member states so as to guarantee a stable region for all.


I thank you for being here today and wish you all a successful meeting.

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