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Because of You by Sandra Michel


I am looking at the rain from my window Washing the green roof, rain drizzling on my face I can just be so happy to be back Another day with you here In this world God Magical and sad at the same time On this occasion, I really wanted to be back From the nothingness And I am To look at the simple flowers Of my garden To kiss the forehead of my baby   And tell I love you to my boy   To good morning the family

  The rain falls in this blessed Land of Seychelles The rain chants happily The river goes running to meet the beach In this Seychelles Far from everywhere I have found home

I loved you from the first day I saw your face in a picture my Seychelles I could breathe your quietness and your splendor A fisherman's boat in crystal waters touched by the leaves of a coconut tree It all came into my soul deep Darling Seychelles Then I never stop thinking about you

It is grey now The twilight is here But the rain keeps singing Tomorrow the bright sun Will delight and caress the trees and the grass And small clouds of robins Will flap their winds and chirp around the boulders and branches One will come in our kitchen We will pretend that we don't see him ... My heart is batting softly I will pretend that I will never die Because of you my Seychelles



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