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Vice President Vincent Meriton Speech on the Occasion of Russian National Day, 7th June 2018


Your Excellency, Mr. Vladimir Belous, Ambassador of the Russian Federation of the Republic of Seychelles and Mrs. Alla Belous



Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen,


It gives me great pleasure to address you on this special evening to celebrate the National Day of the Russian Federation.

On this auspicious occasion, I would like to extend on behalf of the Government and People of Seychelles, our heartfelt congratulations and sincere wishes of further progress and prosperity to the Russian People.

Tonight, we reflect on the journey and trials of a great nation.

We celebrate its domestic achievements and contributions to the world, be it in music, arts, literature and architecture.

But most importantly, we are gathered tonight to celebrate the special bonds of friendship, solidarity and cooperation that exist between Russia and Seychelles.

This relationship is built on the principles of mutual respect, understanding and collaboration.

And it is these principles, that have allowed our two nations to share experiences, to learn from each and become great friends.

Over the years, Seychelles has benefited immensely from the generosity of the Russian Federation.

In education, thanks to the scholarships provided, hundreds of Seychellois have been able to study in Russia in fields such as medicine, history, dentistry and international relations.

These students have returned to Seychelles more knowledge, more skilled and better prepared to contribute to the further development of our country. 

This year, Russia will be providing short term training for law enforcement officers as well as numerous long term scholarships in the fields of forensics and psychology.

These are areas where we need more professionals to combat the multiple forms of criminality that exists in Seychelles today.

In security matters, we greatly appreciate the engagement of the Russian Federation in our fight to maintain maritime security in our region.

On the tourism front, we are happy to note the increase in the number of Russian tourists in the past three years.

This should pave the way for further economic gains as Russian investment in the sector has been substantial.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Our excellent relationship with Russia demonstrates that diverse cultures can co-exist together in the same world.

Seychelles was much encouraged by the message of H.E President Vladimir Putin on this year’s Africa Day to continue “to expand the traditionally friendly relations with African partners, both bilaterally and in various multilateral formats, and to continue its active participation in the programs of assistance for Africa under the auspices of the UN, G20 and BRICS”.


Ladies and Gentleman,

In a few days, the eyes of the world will be on the Russian Federation for the FIFA World Cup. 

We wish this great sporting nation every success in the organisation of this much loved tournament.

With regards to sports, let me go back in time and recall the Great Russian boxing coaches who at one time were behind the success of Seychellois boxing.

The first Russian coach to arrive in Seychelles was Vladimir Nveski in 1980 but there have been others notably, Stanislav Stepashkin, Oleg Kouzmin, Vladimir Simonov and of course Dan Pozniak who was instrumental in guiding Roland Raforme, Rival Cadeau Payet and Jerry Legras to become great champions.


Ladies and Gentlemen

I cannot end without saluting Ambassador Belous for his continued and active efforts to strengthen the relationship between our two countries.

I would also like to thank members of his staff for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to us this evening.

Finally, it is with the utmost pleasure that I propose a toast to H.E Mr. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation;

  • to the prosperity of the Russian people!
  • to the excellent relationship between Seychelles and the Russian Federation!
  • to the World Cup 2018! May the best team win!

Hooray! Ura! (Cheers in Russian)

Thank you! Spasiba! (Thank you in Russian)

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