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CONFERENCE OF HONORARY CONSULS Seychelles, 23rd to 25th October 2007. Closing Remarks by: Nico Barito, Honorary Consul of Seychelles to Jakarta - Indonesia & Senior Fellow United Nations Institute for Training & Research, New York


His Excellency Minister of Foreign Affairs of Seychelles, Ambassador, Principal Secretary, Honorary Consul General and Consul, distinguished guest ladies & gentleman,

Please allow me on this special occasion on behalf of the delegation of Honorary Consul General & Consul of Seychelles to express our grateful thanks the government of Seychelles for the productive and rewarding 2 days conference.

Our special thanks go to the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to His Excellency Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassadors, who have extended their valuable time to attend to the entire agendas.

We also like to express our admiration for the professional coordination by Mr. Jean Claude Adrienne and Mr.Conrad Mederic and all staff members and protocols of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for all their personal care and remarkable attention to the every details of our visit.

We have nothing to say, except praise and admiration to the wonderful country and communities of Seychelles and to renew our commitment to carry on the mandate of Seychelles in participating with the life and development of the nation; and mobilize our competence in the changing world to attain reciprocal cooperation with each of our respective countries.

Distinguished guest ladies & gentlemen, Over these 2 days, we have participated in the professional presentation on policy, strategy, opportunity in tourism & fishery and the road map to guide our mission in defending, promoting and protecting the interest of Seychelles at all levels.

We trust that all comments and suggestion made by honorable colleagues between the presentations have ethical dimension to accelerate the interest of the country parallel with the international global community for the peace and prosperity; and nurturing development of bilateral and multilateral affiliations.

I have full confidence that each and every Honorary Consul General and Honorary Consul have over the years created a solid base of economic and bilateral modalities between Seychelles and their respective countries.

Our presence have great values, since we represented Seychelles in both develop and developing countries either at local government level or with national jurisdiction.

Meaning that we already posses global multi-cultural networking, which have profound values to our mission.

In parallel to our effort to develop reciprocal businesses, I highly encourage that we constantly develop cultural values and develop human resources, to host capacity building programs, trainings and interactive programs; exchange of best practices to empower the government and local communities of Seychelles.

This effort will definitely complement to the competitive values of the business development.

Example on G-G cultural & art exchange values and training: This is my 17 months to represent Seychelles in Indonesia.

In this short time, I have constantly socialized the presence of Seychelles to Indonesia and to its local governments, and identify the win-win competence of both countries and regions.

By the end of last year, I have arranged to sponsor Indonesia Cultural & Culinary event in Seychelles; we brought in cultural group of 15 individuals from Indonesia National Art Institute to perform in Seychelles while serving Indonesian culinary.

We want the Seychellois people to recognize the values of special friendship and especially that the event in Seychelles is also transcribed to news media in Indonesia for reason of the same.

Since April this year, Seychelles assumed the presidency of the Indian Ocean Commission.

While Indonesia since 1955 has initiated the 1st Asia Afrika Summit, it is part of my mission and the mission of Honorary Consuld of Seychelles within Asia & Africa to strengthen the South - South Cooperation.

In 2007, I managed to secure support from NAM and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia to secure sponsorship for Seychelles officials to attend capacity building program in Indonesia and am pleased to confirm that the same program will be conducted for the fiscal year of 2008.

We have also for 2008 allocate assessment of interactive programs through partnership with private sector and academic in the scope of agriculture, agro industry, hotel & tourism sector as well as building construction and carpenter.

By early December 2007, Indonesia will host the Climate Change Conference COP-13 in Bali.

This agenda will be attended by 10.000 delegates and I have called for Seychelles artist Nigel Heri (who specialized in painting marine life) to come to Indonesia by mid of November to observe the life of fisherman, the port, the facility and the reality of life of coastal society.

During the COP-13 in Bali we have arranged to exhibit his paintings which have values of campaign for responsible fishery and environmental impact assessment to coral reef and preservation of coastal buffer zone.

During the COP 13, this artist will perform life - painting about Indonesia fishermen and sea life and the result will be announced as "Indonesia Marine visibility in Seychelles" Whilst adhere the sovereign values of sustainable development and affiliations at highest level.

Distinguished guest ladies and gentlemen,

This morning SIB (Seychelles Investment Bereau) has identify complementing sectors of interest to support tourism and services in Seychelles, such as medical tourism, logistic/ware house, shopping facility, which I believe is of interest to the active investors from Asia region especially that today majority of consumer products are made in Asia.

The issue of professional and efficient medical tourism has for the last 5 years been very successful and profitable in Asia.

I believe we can divert similar program to Seychelles and invite medical tourism from Europe as well as America.

I am confidence that promotion investment of Seychelles shall not be limited only to Seychelles; but to introduce Seychelles as the strategic services hub and regional transshipment & logistic base of neighbors in Eastern Africa.

On investment for public support and services sectors, may I recommend that the government of Seychelles is not merely the facilitator but to certain extend take active part on the long term public-private-partnership.

For example in Indonesia, the government provides the land and licenses in a transparent partnership with the private sector, based on a profit sharing concept of 20 to 25 years.

Since the government is not directly involve in the day to day management the private sector normally provide minimum guarantee of annual income for the government.

I believe such partnership is realistic to be considered here, since it assures revenue to the government. On the scope of fishery, I am pleased to confirm that being Senior Fellow to United Nations Institute for Training & Research, I have on regular basis conducted capacity building for responsible fishery, sustainable processing to the benefit of coastal life and the fishery community.

I believe that similar programs that we have introduced in Indonesia can be replicated at Seychelles.

To this extend, may I invite the active partnership of honorable colleagues from developing countries to team up in such partnership to support capacity building within the UN system, which I believe will be rewarding.

Corporate Social Responsibility has been accepted as part of the business consensus.

It is a common practice for these business sectors to give back to the communities not only in kind but a social responsible to develop and attain capacity building for human resources especially for the next generation to come.

I believe that there are hotels, tour operators, airlines and other support sectors in tourism that we may invite to contribute CSR's for development of human resources to maintain high quality and sustainable standard of services to the benefit of the guest that come to Seychelles.

In this extend I am making myself avail to moderate and negotiate within UN system with respective businesses and partners of honorable colleagues to identify program and terms of reference, for the benefit of the local communities and the businesses.

During the opening address, His Excellency the President of Seychelles has emphasized on the essence of University of Seychelles in development of human resource capacity and the program to realize micro science community.

In the era of globalization today, we need to be more assertive to create fundamental base on which to develop the sustainability of economy in coherence to the people.

I highly encourage that the University will introduce advance learning and basic learning to facilitate entrepreneurship.

Given the small population, Seychelles has the potent of SMEs; this micro economic sector is important as it touches directly to the life of common citizen and contribute to the socio economic and socio political values. While the macro economy sector will grow in line with Foreign Direct Investment; there will be gap between macro & micro - between rich and poor.

We have to eliminate the gap from the early phase; by providing education to support the development of SMEs, product design, brand image, mass production lines and proper packaging to marketing and distribution system; on the administrative site to provide the SMEs with education on management, knowledge about international trade & promotion and finally to ensure the existence of productive and trained workforce.

The essence of micro finance should also be taken seriously as it helps to create entrepreneurship and develop responsible moral if managed professionally.

We must at the earlier stage encourage partnership between macro and micro economic sectors, that the Seychellois are not only labor in their own country but more intelligent partners to the foreign investor.

The President also called to create solid foundation for strong economy which will benefit the entire nation in the years to come.

His vision and plans to double the country's GDP in the next ten years as laid down in the Strategy 2017 document focus on how the ordinary people in the communities are set to benefit from this wealth.

In compliance to the strategy, I appeal to all Honorary Consul General and Honorary Consuls of Seychelles, let's join hands and share among us the contract of trust to continue to work for the love of businesses and investment in Seychelles.

If I may propose and if it is properly accepted, it will thoughtful to have an association of honorary consuls of Seychelles with permanent secretariat to assist and monitor the global task that we are all doing.

That this association will not in any way intervene to our individual business but more a call of common goals and sharing or networking for on-going collaborations to take our adopted country to greater heights.

We also wish that one day this association can established commercial arms to be the main stake holder that generate realistic and practical partnership with the government of Seychelles.

Such association is wished to contribute to the social & public sectors, such as being a routine funding partner and steering committee to the University of Seychelles.

I believe that this is such productive forum is rare and hope that after our conference, we maintain in close contacts and share among us the options of how to interact the potent of the respective countries of honorable colleagues to bring significant opportunity to Seychelles.

Finally, please apology if I have not been able to accomplish every details of remarks to represent each of us present in this conference.

Let's pray for the good health fills with prosperity to His Excellency the President, Vice President, Ministers, members of assembly, officials and all the families; for the peace and harmony of the peoples' of Seychelles. May I end this remark by wishing all honorable colleagues and your family safe travel home to your country. God Blessed Seychelles.

Nico Barito : cell +1 917 3467474 cell +62 811 100880

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