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Arrest of Somali pirate Mohamed Garfanji: Positive development for securing maritime space


The Government of Seychelles has welcomed the news following the arrest of one of Somalia’s most notorious pirate chiefs, Mohamed Garfanji, responsible for multiple ship hijackings and hostage takings at ransom- including Seychellois nationals. The Government of Seychelles commends the efforts of the Somali Government after having apprehended the criminal in Mogadishu late on Sunday evening which the Seychellois Government views as a positive step towards ensuring the security of the shared oceanic space of the western Indian Ocean. The ... | read |


Speech by the Designated Minister, Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Vincent Meriton on the occasion of the Official opening of the Sri Lankan High Commission in Seychelles Saturday 28th June 2014


Today is a truly auspicious occasion for Sri Lanka and Seychelles. As we warmly welcome President Mahinda Rajapaksa on his second visit to Seychelles, it is with great honour that I extend on behalf of President James Michel, the Government ... | read |

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