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First National Stakeholders meeting to be held on Blue Economy


President James Michel will officially open the National Stakeholder Dialogue on the Blue Economy which will be held between 9th-10th December 2014 at the International Conference Centre,’ for discussions of the relevance to the development of Seychelles in the context of the Blue Economy. As a matter of policy the Government of Seychelles is seeking to explore the full potential of its Blue Economy and brings it to the forefront of the national agenda to promote and invite public ... | read |


Opening address by Jean-Paul Adam, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the occasion of the Indian Ocean Rim Association ministerial meeting on tourism, Savoy Resort, Beau Vallon, 21st November 2014


  Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,   In Seychelles, we consider tourism to be part of our way of life.   Thus as we host this meeting of the Indian Ocean Rim Association Tourism Ministers, we are proud to welcome you ... | read |

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